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 A responsible & committed investor
Founded with the objective of democratising the financing of unlisted SMEs by French small investors, 123 IM has been helping entrepreneurs grow sustainably since 2001.

Convinced that extra-financial factors contribute to sustaining this growth, 123 IM’s partners committed to a CSR1 approach by signing the principles of responsible investment of the United Nations (UNPRI) in 2016.

The team has also established an ESG2 plan spanning 2018-2021 that includes setting out 123 IM's CSR policy and integrating ESG issues into its investor business.

          https://www.f2ic.fr/ffci-portal/custom/module/cms/content/img/actualites/2018/france-invest-logo.png               https://www.f2ic.fr/ffci-portal/custom/module/cms/content/img/actualites/2018/france-invest-logo.png              https://www.f2ic.fr/ffci-portal/custom/module/cms/content/img/actualites/2018/france-invest-logo.png


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