Opportunities with regular financial flows, backed by long-term leases

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123 IM invests in France and its neighbouring countries according to asset classes.

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Investment Strategy


123 IM capitalises on its knowledge of users (operators, managers and retailers) and on its sectorial expertise for its core business dedicated to investment property. Its purpose is to invest in managed residences, hotels, commercial premises and logistics.   

123 IM can thus offer institutional investors investment opportunities that generate regular financial flows, backed by long-term leases. 123 IM operates on a core strategy that, with its partners, is also likely to generate the creation of added value.

Investment Methodology


123 IM offers investment solutions with agile structures that meet and adapt to the needs of its partners. The investors assign a fund management mandate (OPPCI) which enables 123 IM to deploy its investment strategy.

As a creator of "Partners Funds", 123 IM sets up joint ventures with users and investors, making these dedicated vehicles into recurrent tools that are sustainable in the long-term, with a genuine interest alignment strategy. This makes it possible to offer more upstream sourcing and therefore optimised and diversified opportunities.

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