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123 IM invests in France.

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123 IM has a dedicated team that invests in a diversified manner in property development and property trading operations. These operations are both residential and tertiary, taking place throughout France and always alongside a range of promoters selected for their experience and specialist knowledge. 123 IM applies a rigorous screening process for its investments (commercial, technical and financial risks examined) with a short investment period (between 24 and 36 months).

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Investment Methodology


123 IM operates according to two models, with two different levels of risk. In addition to investing in equity (social shares or shares) directly in property development operations pari passu alongside first-class promoters, it also invests in the form of bond financing for promoters to support their development. 123 IM structures adapted financing depending on the investor’s objectives in terms of risk/return and the needs of the promoters.

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Le Domaine de Montlhéry

Programme de promotion logements à Montlhéry (91) - N...

Company sold

Lilas Meurice

Programme de promotion tertiaire à Paris (75) - Alsei

Company sold

Le Métropolitain

Programme de promotion logements à Toulouse (31) - Gotham

Company sold

Company sold
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Nafilyan & Partners


Bécarré Développement

Company overview

Nafilyan & Partners, founded in 2014 by Guy Nafilyan, the former CEO of Kaufman & Broad, and Bruce Karatz, works with real estate development operations in Paris and Île de France. Their objective is to build 1,500 homes per year for five years – traditional houses designed for home ownership, houses located in ANRU (National Agency for Urban Renovation) zones, intermediate housing and social housing.

123 Investment Managers involment

123 IM supported the launch of Nafilyan & Partners in 2014 with seven of its investment funds by acquiring 25% of the capital of the company alongside several other investors. Other investors include Tikehau Capital Advisors, Caisse d’Épargne de Picardie and Caisse d’Épargne Provence-Alpes-Corse. Since then, 123 IM has also regularly carried out property development projects with Nafilyan & Partners, in the form of “Club Deal”.

Company overview

The Redman Group was founded in 2007. It specialises in property construction, development and management. The group has branched out into various sectors through dedicated subsidiaries: residential, offices, shopping centres, hotels and constructions with controlled environmental impact.

123 Investment Managers involment

Redman Promotion raised capital with 123 IM in 2010, leading to the creation of two dedicated subsidiaries, specialising respectively in offices and residential. These structures have mixed teams consisting of Redman Promotion employees and new hires. 123 IM also supports Redman as a direct joint investor in hotel operations.

Company overview

Bécarré Development, a subsidiary of the Bécarré Group, is committed to property development operations pertaining to both offices and residential properties in Île de France and French overseas departments. Bécarré Development made its first acquisition in December 2013: a building in Levallois converting offices into residential units.

123 Investment Managers involment

123 IM has teamed up with this leading partner to extend its field of expertise into property development in the Île-de-France region. 123 IM has set up a structure in partnership with the Bécarré Group to finance several projects, particularly Le Carré Brimont, a retirement home in Chatou in Yvelines, and So Home, a collective housing project in Levallois Perret.

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